Fee Schedule Fall 2024 Australian National University

Fall 2024 Australian National University

IU and ANU Fees Paid to Indiana University

Due Upon Acceptance - Non-Refundable Prepayment $500.00
Due September 10 to IUB Bursar
OVST Provider Instructional Fee (includes OSHC and Student Amenities fee)*$8,750.00
OVST Insurance Fee - repatriation and medical evacuation$55.00
Education Abroad Service Fee$246.79
Total IU and ANU Fees$9,051.79
*Based on published Australian National University materials. Indiana University cannot guarantee the prices charged by the ANU and is not responsible for any price increase or change. Fee estimated based on current exchange rate and will be reevaluated in early summer to see if the rate of exchange has changed significantly. The fee could be increased or decreased based on the rate at that time.

The Education Abroad Service fee underwrites the operations for the Education Abroad Office. 

Additional Estimated Program Costs

International Airfare$1,250 - $1,800
Visa/Immigration Fees$450
Housing & Meals$4,300 - $8,000
Books/Course Materials$190 - $310
Personal Expenses, Local Transportation$1,200 - $3,400
Total Estimated Additional Program Costs$7,390 - $13,960

Total Estimated Program Costs

Total IU and Australian National University Fees$9,051.79
Total Estimated Additional Program Costs$7,390 - $13,960
Total Estimated Costs$16,441.79 - $23,011.79

IU Refund Policy
The $500 prepayment and the $246.79 Education Abroad Service Fee are non-refundable.

IU Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from IU administered programs are responsible for non-recoverable costs. Your Bursar account will be assessed an additional charge to cover any/all amounts that Education Abroad has committed or paid on your behalf and are non-recoverable at the time of withdrawal, possibly including housing, meals, transportation, and faculty or staff compensation.