Photo Contest

Student Category

Winner (Damon Redmond) – “This photo was taken during a trip to Matera, Italy that I took with my friends Katie, Tvisha, and Salil (Katie and Tvisha are the ones in the photo). We were all part of the ASPIRE Semester in Italy program and living in Salerno, and we took a bus to Matera over a weekend. Looking over the city and watching the sun set over it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I'll never forget that trip.

Runner-up (Emma Hand)  - "Students from the "Ice Cores and Ice Ages" class hosted by the Danish Insitute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen explore part of the Greenland Ice Sheet near Kangerlussuaq. A week was spent in Greenland after studying how ice cores can be used to understand the past and predict future climates, as well as the consequences of climate change on these areas."

Environment Category

Winner (John Hultquist) - "This was an aerial photo I took out of a helicopter during a weekend excursion to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. During our summer (their winter), it just after the rainy season so the falls were flowed lots of water, and we could see lots of rainbows from many different angles."

Runner-up (Caroline Joliet) - "Located just inland of the coast of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is composed of 16 crystal clear lakes connected by waterfalls. Between the lush greenery and stunning blues, this is a must-visit for anyone headed to Europe!"

Culture Category

Winner (Erin Dusza) - "This photo was taken at the Easter market in náměstí Miruwhich translates to Peace Square, in Prague. In the foreground is a cluster of hand-painted eggshells, Kraslicefrom actual chicken eggs. They are tied to ribbons and traditionally hung on branches in homes for Easter,  and given as gifts. In the stall behind, with a sign that says "carver, decorations" are more spring-time and Easter ornaments for the home. "

Runner-up (Kaitlin Scott) – "The 2022 Marcha del Orgullo (Pride Parade) in Santiago, Chile was an unforgettable experience during my time abroad. Over 80,000 people attended from all walks of life in downtown Santiago at Plaza Italia, which was the primary site of political revolution and protests in 2019. Because of those protests, the country began the tumultuous process of drafting a new Constitution. Many at Pride demanded for LGBTQ+ rights and equality to be enshrined within the new document. I was so grateful to bear witness to this revolutionary time in Chile’s history and to celebrate my identity in a different continent, culture, and language.”