Alumni Profiles

David Aronoff

“It was the single best decision I made at IU. It allowed me the freedom away from my comfortable surroundings to take academic risks and think for myself.” - Canterbury, England

Harvey Beasley

"I have never met anyone who has regretting studying abroad during their time in college...but I have met many people who regret not participating in a study abroad program." - Nagoya, Japan

David Clapp

The experience of living in Lima for a year gave me insights that I never could have gained from books or television. I came back a changed person, and I like the person I became.” –Lima, Peru

Terence Lynch

“Overseas study is a totally transformative experience that broadens an individual and enriches every minute of your life afterwards, not just the few hours a day spent working.” - Canterbury, England

Susan Snyder

My approach to life, family and diet has changed from my time abroad. I feel that I am more able to connect with people different from me and make time for the good and important things in life. Living abroad opens your eyes to the wider world around you. ” - Bologna, Italy

Steve Tae

"It was a perfect experience, and I would not have changed the courses I selected, the summer internship at a Korean chaebol, or the weekend excursions I took nearly every week or so. They were all so memorable." - Seoul, S. Korea

Cliff Vanelli

I am 56 now, but the memories that I gained when I was 20 are as fresh as then.  To those considering foreign travel, I say, DO IT!  You will not regret it.  It is an investment in youth that will give you pleasure until the day you die.” – Bologna, Italy

Todd Wilson

“It's really become a part of who I am. I took my wife to Spain for an extended visit a decade later, and we've always had a very international life.” – Madrid, Spain