Post-Program Reports

Within one month of the end of the program, the director/lead administrator must submit a summary report to the Overseas Study Advisory Council (OSAC) via Education Abroad that addresses each of the points below.  To do so, please click on the link provided to access the report form and provide the required information. For the three Educational Program Outcomes questions, please ensure that you provide enough detail for OSAC to be able to adequately review and reauthorize the program. The 500 word limit for each of these questions allows for approximately one full page of text per question. If there is not enough information provided, the report will need to be revised and resubmitted. Note: for ease of use, and for your own records, it is advised that answers be drafted in a word document and then cut/pasted into the form itself.  There is no option to save and return.

Note: It is the responsibility of the program leader(s) to proactively contact Education Abroad directly if they:
  • Experienced any significant challenges with the implementation of their program;
  • Have any concerns that they would like to discuss relative to their program;
  • Wish to consult with Education Abroad Staff on potential program modificaitons;
  • Have a Clery Incident to report; and/or
  • Have a Title IX incident to report.

Link to Sample Report

Link to Report Form

  • Report submitter name
  • Report submitter email address
  • Program name/title
  • Program location(s)
  • Program dates
  • Program instructor(s)
  • Program instructor(s) email adress
  • IUB School or Campus (e.g. College of Arts & Sciences, IU Kokomo)
  • Number of participants
  • Summary description of the student participants (credit/non-credit enrollment, graduate/undergraduate status, most common major, class standing, distribution by campus, etc.)
  • Yes or No or Not Applicable: all IU faculty and staff who served as on-site staff for the program completed the required online Campus Security Authority training
  • Yes or No or Not Applicable: For programs that fall under the IU Programs Involving Children policies, institutional protocols were followed
  • Report highlights: 
    • Educational program:
      • Outcomes: Please provide concrete examples of how the integration of the overseas setting (e.g. excursions, fieldwork, structure) enhanced the educational and intercultural experience for students in practice.  Describe how you feel these activities could be improved in the future to enhance student learning. (limited to 500 words)
      • Outcomes: Please describe the reflection activities undertaken in the field and how they impacted the student learning experience, including a couple of examples that illustrate this. How do you feel these opportunities for reflection could be adjusted in the future to enhance student learning? (limited to 500 words)
      • Outcomes: What were the key learning outcomes for the program (academic, cultural, personal and professional) and how were they measured?  Please provide a summary of the outcomes, including any thoughts you may have on the outcomes data itself (limited to 500 words)
    • Describe any concerns about the program facilities, housing, logistics, on-site staff support, etc.
    • List any issues concerning student academic performance, health, safety, conduct or behavior experienced on the program: Describe any concerns that you or others might have. For significant incidents, please submit the Education Abroad Incident Report form with your report
  • Describe any changes you would recommend for the future, if any.
  • Indicate when you anticipate that the program would likely take place again.

Attach copies of the following:

  • Final Data Sheet for Participant Information
  • Completed Program Location Form(s) - Clery Act Compliance
  • Summary of student program evaluation data
  • If the program had a service-learning focus or engaged students in volunteer experience, please include a letter from the host community or host organization(s) (or other appropriate documentation) which outlines the outcomes for the host community

Optional: If you have any photos from your trip that you would like to share for use on our website and social media, please upload them here. Please give preference to high-resolution photos that include IU students.  

Once submitted, your report will be routed to the Overseas Study Advisory Council for review. If any questions arise during the review process -- including questions resulting from student surveys -- that would prohibit reauthorization of your program, the Associate Vice President for Education Abroad will be in touch with you. Please consider your program reauthorized for the next iteration unless contacted. Please note that OSAC will contact you well in advance should they have any concerns about your program.

Jennifer Engel, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Education Abroad
Phone: (812) 855-1139