Articles for Parents

Articles and pamphlets of primary interest to parents and loved ones of prospective and participating students are linked below.


General Guidance: Articles

Guides and Resources

  • A Parent Guide to Study Abroad
    Published by IIE and AIFS, this booklet aims to "arm parents with the right mix of practical information to get involved just enough, while also giving the students the independence to learn and grow on their own."
  • A Parent's Guide to Overseas Study
    This article gives parents some good pointers about how best to support their students who are thinking of studying abroad.
  • A Practical Parent's Guide to Study Abroad
    A collection of information focusing on how a parent can navigate the more practical aspects of study abroad.
  • Information for Parents
    This site provides resources that make study abroad more accessible, affordable, and applicable to your child’s professional, educational, and personal development goals.