Fee Schedule Spring 2024 KSB Exchange Copenhagen

Spring 2024 KSB Exchange Copenhagen

Fees Paid to Indiana University

Due Upon Acceptance - Non-Refundable Prepayment $500.00$500.00
Due January 10 to IUB Bursar
Spring OVST Fee (IU-admin program)$5,156.23$19,502.01
Health Insurance$189.00$189.00
Education Abroad Service Fee$241.95$241.95
Total Fixed Fees Paid to Indiana University$5,587.18$19,932.96

The Education Abroad Service fee underwrites the operations for the Education Abroad Office.

Additional Estimated Program Costs - Paid out of pocket

International Airfare$900 - $1,800
Residence Permit$410
Apartment/Housing Costs$2,640 - $4,400
Groceries/Meals$1,320 - $2,640
Language Course Fee$240
Personal Expenses, Incidentals, Books$1,800 - $3,450
Total Estimated Additional Program Costs$7,310 - $12,940

Total Estimated Program Costs

Total Fixed Fees Paid to IU$5,587.18$19,932.96
Total Estimated Additional Costs$7,310 - $12,940$7,310 - $12,940
Total Estimated Costs$12,897.18 - $18,527.18$27,242.96 - $32,872.96

IU Withdrawal and Refund Policy
The $500 prepayment and the $241.95 Education Abroad Service Fee are non-refundable.

Students who withdraw from IU administered programs are responsible for the IU service fee and non-recoverable costs. Your Bursar account will be assessed an additional charge to cover any/all amounts that Education Abroad has committed or paid on your behalf and are non-recoverable at the time of withdrawal, possibly including housing, meals, transportation, and faculty or staff compensation.