General Education Abroad

The "Global Civilizations & Cultures" (GCC) course component of the Culture Studies requirement is automatically satisfied on any IU-administered or co-sponsored semester or academic year program since most of the course work on these programs is cultural in nature.

Some summer study abroad programs (listed below) offer courses which are accepted for GCC credit. If an IU-administered or co-sponsored summer course does not carry the GCC designation, students may petition the College after the course by completing the College's petition form.

Summer Course Examples

Alcala-CIEESpanish Culture & CivilizationHISP-S 411
Alcala-CIEEContemporary Spain: the 20th & 21st CenturiesHISP-S 411
Alcala-CIEESpain in Images: Spanish Society through FilmHISP-S 328 
Alcala-CIEEIntroduction to Literary AnalysisHISP-S 328
FlorenceRenaissance FlorenceFRIT-M 234
GrazAustrian CultureGER-G 361
Paris-IESHistory of ParisFRIT-F 362
Paris-IESContemporary French Civ.FRIT-F 363

Non-IU Programs

Transfer credit from a non-IU program is not eligible for Global Civilizations and Cultures credit.

The World Languages & Cultures requirement can be satisfied in one of three ways: language study, world culture courses, or an approved international experience. 

To use international experience to satisfy the requirement, students must complete...

  • An approved* study abroad program or approved* study abroad internship of at least six credit hours and at least six weeks abroad in duration
  • A combination of two programs totaling 6 credit hours
    • The international experiences must, at a minimum, be three weeks abroad in duration.
    • The student must earn at least 3 credit hours from the program for it to count as half of the 6 credit hour requirement.
    • The language of instruction of these programs may be English or another world language, and the site of instruction may be any country except the United States.

*Approved study abroad or international internship programs include any IU-administered, IU co-sponsored, or IU faculty-led program. Students participating in a Non-IU program may receive approval by the Office of International Admissions through the completion of the Credit Transfer Agreement Form by the deadline.

Students can fulfill General Education Common Ground Arts and Humanities (A&H) and Social and Historical (S&H) on Education Abroad adminstered or co-sponsored programs. Courses that have been approved to fulfill one of these requirements will be noted on the course equivalencies lists. Students should consult with their study abroad advisor if they wish to have additional courses reviewed for General Education credit. Students participating on Non-IU programs should refer to the course review process described in the Non-IU Programs procedures.