Why did you choose this program? I wanted to learn German and I was attracted to Vienna's cultural and musical environment.

Describe your favorite class abroad. I liked that of my classes allowed me to teach Austrian schoolchildren once a week.

What was the housing like on your study abroad program? I lived with 2 other American students in an apartment about 20 minutes from the study abroad center.

What advice would you like to give to future study abroad students? Say yes to everything that presents itself - also don't travel too much and take time to enjoy the city you live in!

What’s your best memory from your time abroad? I have so many good memories, but one of them was listening to a free, outdoor concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the garden of Schonbrunn Place with friends.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before you went abroad? I now better understand how hard it is to interact in another language - when international students at IU are struggling with English, be more patient and understanding with them.

What do you wish someone had told you before you left? How fast the time goes by - you think 4 months is a long time, but it goes by before you know it. I realized in the last week how  many more things I still want to do and see in Vienna, and I will definitely come back one day.

If you participated in an internship while abroad, would you recommend that future students take an internship and why? Yes - I did a teaching internship where I taught Austrian schoolchildren. I would recommend it because it helps you break out of the "American bubble" that most students find themselves in.

What was your greatest challenge? My biggest challenge was adjusting to the language barrier. I didn't speak any German going into the program, which made it a little more difficult to get to know locals very well.

What fact about your host country do you think people would be surprised to learn? Despite the Sound of Music being set in Austria, most Austrians have never seen the musical.