Reason you chose this program: I had always dreamt of traveling to London, England.  I also majored in Theatre and Dramatic Arts so what better place to go to than England where they LIVE the arts!

Favorite classes: My favorite class was called "Inside the Industry". Through this class, we were able to see a theatre performance every week; always in a different part of town. The journey to the different plays was an adventure by itself; taking the public transportation and trying to figure out your way around when you have a time limit. Our teacher was also fantastic and would bring in people from the industry such as actors, casting directors, and producers. Another class that I found really fun was our film production class. I took this because I was minoring in Telecommunications. The class was fun because our teacher was so passionate about her work in film, starting as an actress and now an editor and teacher.  I first learned how to perform split-screen edits for movies in that class. She also took us out to see BBC-made movies as well.

Describe the housing situation: We lived in a student residence right down the street from the famous King's Cross station in London, England called NIDO. This station is famous for being the 9 3/4 station from the movie, Harry Potter. For this program, everyone had a roommate and we were spread out in one tower so everyone would meet in the kitchen area, which is on every floor, or the community area where all residents could hang out. I really enjoyed living there because you are near convenience stores, pubs and tube stations. You have everything you need right down the street and the people were very friendly. They had a community floor that sold food, had pool tables, foosball and TVs.

Advice for future study abroad participants: Have fun and be smart.  Many people get paranoid before they go to a different country because they hear horrible rumors about crime rates, which can be true, but as long as you are aware of your surroundings and are smart about your belongings, you will be fine.  Always have a friend come with you wherever you want to go.  Do not be afraid of getting lost, because that is inevitable and it is part of the adventure.  Research different places you would like to visit or have a list of places to go so you can check them off.  One thing we did was buy a map and circle or put a picture and web it to the point on the map.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Greatest challenge: Spending money wisely and adjusting to gloomy weather everyday.

Biggest surprise: People rent out their apartments to travelers for days at a time.

Going abroad vs. staying on campus: Most people live their entire lives in the one state, country, or city they grew up in.  Going abroad gives you the experience you will never forget. You will meet the most random people, experience cultures you never knew existed and open your mind. We are on this world to live, so live it up abroad.