Travel Advisory Exemptions

Requests for Exemptions

To prepare a request for exemption, please prepare the following information for the Safety & Responsibility Committee of the Education Abroad Advisory Council:

  1. Details about the geographic environment of the program and its relationship to security issues.
  2. Information about the travel advisories or warnings of other countries about the country under the U.S. Department of State's Travel Advisory.
  3. The detailed preparation the students will receive during orientation to prepare them for security-related issues (with detailed examples).
  4. Describe in detail the local support structure on site.
  5. The academic relevance of the program to the students' degree programs and/or the importance of the presence of the students to the program itself (e.g. the impact of their contributions locally).
  6. Confirm that, should the Safety & Responsibility Committee permit the program to operate, the program organizer is willing to have participants sign a special waiver stating that they have received and read the most recent Travel Warnings and are voluntarily participating nonetheless. 

Requests for exemptions should accompany proposals to the Education Abroad Advisory Council. See Guidelines for Proposals.