GPA Requirements

Students who do not meet the stated program minimum GPA requirement may still apply for the program if they feel there are extenuating circumstances that should be taken into account. When reviewing an application, the entire dossier is taken into consideration – personal essay, recommendations and academic history.

Cumulative GPAs may be the result of different overall experiences. Some students earn a low GPA when they begin at Indiana University as they adapt to a new environment or struggle with a heavier work load than high school. However, as they progress through the semesters at IU, their GPA increases as they learn to be successful and adapt to the environment and course work. Other students may have a strong start at IU, but find that their GPA declines as they continue at IU, possibly due to struggling with their major/minor or upper-level coursework. Still other students find that they consistently struggle within a certain area of their degree requirements; this might be in their major, minor or general education areas.

The committee will take into account the student's individual academic history and how his/her specific experiences might correlate to the program to which the student has applied. Ultimately the committee wants to have confidence that each student is prepared to be academically successful in the overseas environment. Students who do not meet the stated minimum GPA requirement should address any specific circumstances about their academic record in the essay portion of the application.

Students who do not meet the stated eligibility requirements who are accepted to the program may be restricted in course selection.

Certain programs are rigid in their adherence to the stipulated GPA requirements. Please review published information carefully.

Students who do not meet the stated eligibility requirements for IU programs may also want to consider applying to a non-IU program as a back-up option. Please see the guidelines for applying to a non-IU program.