Favorite Classes: My favorite class was Philosophy of Cognitive Science with Dr. Timothy Bayne. I participated in two very engaging and passionate debates about consciousness during our class discussions, (i.e. tutorials). I found the small class size (1-3 students) very intimate and effective. 

Describe the Housing Situation: Almost everyone at St. Anne’s lives in single dormitory rooms. I lived in Rayne dormitory with both visiting and undergraduate students. My floor was co-ed and had a shared kitchen and bathrooms, as well as an assigned scout, (i.e. a maid).

Advice to Future Study Abroad Participants: The experience you have abroad is an intangible that cannot be measured with money. Try not to get all hung up on finances; study abroad is a time sensitive opportunity that is well worth the money.

Complete this sentence: If I could do it over, I would…have weighted accommodation costs over air fare costs when deciding to go to certain cities. For example, I decided to go to Stockholm with some friends because the air fare was very cheap in addition to reading cool things about Stockholm. However, once I purchased the flight I had realized that Stockholm is one of the most expensive places to stay in Europe. If I had not weighted air fare costs so highly, it would have opened the doors to more cities to stay in that are less expensive and perhaps more interesting.

What I wish I knew before I left: I wished I would have known that good peanut butter is hard to find in Europe. I recommend you bring a few containers of Jiff. 

Greatest Challenge: Unlike most students I didn’t buy a flight home for Christmas. Consequently, it was practically just the “scouts” and I kickin’ it in the dorms. Emotionally, it was difficult not being with my family on Christmas, but my scout Tracy gave me a mini decorated Christmas tree for my room, which definitely cheered me up.