One of a Kind

The story begins with July 1st, 2017, the day that I will be in the air — traveling alone for the first time. I thought I was ready to embrace this me who is ready to grow up, yet I had a thought that crossed my mind and a feeling in my gut that brought me back to reality: I am scared.

Hours after hours went by, and before I realized it, I am standing in front of the door of my host family, tired and heavy. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know who will open the door.

“Kr-eee”, the door opened and a small lady in a crimson red summer dress looked at me with the biggest smile on her face - by now I was wondering whether I was the one studying aboard or her. She gave me a warm hug and welcomed me to her family. She has a daughter who is 17, who I began to know through our casual talks by the television.

The morning arrived, and my first day began with pastries and coffee for breakfast. After the class placement exam, I found myself mesmerized by the dazzling sight enveloping me. 

If you were there, you would certainly agree that Salamanca is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From cathedral to plaza to universidad. Everything is so culturally rich and intriguing that hours pass by like minutes. There is a meaning to every art, every word. And if you pay close attention to the intrinsic details, you will see something new every time you visit. 

During the short time period I’ve been here, I am beginning to gain a valuable understanding of the Spanish culture and lifestyle. I always wondered why Spanish people are gifted with such good figures, and after staying here for two days, I can reassure you it is very difficult not to keep an athletic, healthy figure. Walking is essential here and it’s easy to walk 10-15 miles per day without realizing it, that is - until your legs and feet protest and force you to sit down and drench your thirst before standing back up again. 

The Spanish people love to spend their days outside and social interaction is a huge part of their culture. As you can see, even at 8:30 pm, the bright day lights fuels gatherings and shopping up and down the streets. Asking for directions is so easy here because of it’s people; everyone here loves getting to know you and enjoy helping you.

All in all, I find this place filled with love, fun and uniqueness. And my experience here is nothing short of amazing.