Before I Go

As the semester wraps up, I am getting closer and closer to leaving for my Education Abroad trip. In just two short weeks, I will be packing up and heading to Osaka, Japan to study photography and videography.

As a Photography BFA, I am very excited to continue my photography studies and hopefully get some inspiration for my thesis show next spring. I will be working hand-in-hand with Japanese students and I am looking forward to being introduced to new workflows and processes. I am also eager to dip my feet into video and I think the best place to do this, is in a new place!

I plan on starting travel video blogs to show the new areas that I will be exploring. I think it will be a good way for my friends and family back home to see what I’m doing, as well as random viewers who stumble upon my videos. I hope to learn some new techniques and showcase the ones I have already learned in class this past semester. 

The thing I’m most excited to gain from my Education Abroad experience, is the knowledge of a new culture. After I graduate, I want to travel the world and document different cultures through photos and videos and I think this trip will be the perfect place to start. I have always been interested in things that are new to me, whether it is food, experiences or places I get to explore. I want to use my creative abilities and show people places and cultures that they can’t experience themselves.

Hopefully with this trip, I will develop my skills, learn new skills and show my viewers a different way of living. I am counting down the days until my flight takes off and look forward to sharing my experiences with my readers!