Overseas Study is now Education Abroad

The Office of Overseas Study is now IU Education Abroad!

August is always an exciting time for our office as we prepare to welcome students back to campus and open the application cycle for spring semester international experiences. But this year is particularly invigorating as we begin this month with a new name: the Office of Overseas Study is now IU Education Abroad!

For over 200 years, Indiana University has connected tens of thousands of students with transformative global experiences, with the Office of Overseas Study being officially established in 1972. However, the office and committees overseeing global activity have long served more than the specific interests of students studying abroad.  Over the years, global opportunities have expanded to include numerous intern, research, service, teach, and volunteer opportunities abroad, as well as medical residencies – all of which provide critical insights and experiences for emerging professionals navigating an interconnected world. 

The new name, Education Abroad, reflects this wide variety of high impact practices students can engage in abroad and signals our dedication to fostering career competency development and transformational intercultural experiences for Indiana’s future leaders.

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