Fee Schedule Spring 2024 CIEE Amman Middle East Studies

Spring 2024 CIEE Amman Middle East Studies

IU and CIEE Fees Paid to Indiana University

Due upon acceptance - Non-refundable Prepayment $500.00
Due January 10 to IUB Bursar
OVST Provider Instructional Fee*$15,913.50
OVST Provider Miscellaneous Fee (housing + health insurance)$2,944.00
         Standard housing - $2,750**
         Health insurance - $194
Education Abroad Service Fee$241.95
Total IU and CIEE Fees$19,099.45
*5% IU student discount from CIEE applied.
** Two meals per day for those in homestay (no meals for the apartment option).

Based on published CIEE materials. Indiana University cannot guarantee the prices charged by CIEE and is not responsible for any price increase or change.

The Education Abroad Service fee underwrites the operations for the Education Abroad Office.

Additional Estimated Program Costs

International Airfare (based on East Coast departure)$1,200
Visa/Immigration Fees$60
Local Transportation$1,200
Books/Course Material$150
Meals not Included in Program Fees$560 - $1,680
Personal Expenses$1,250
Total Estimated Additional Program Costs$4,420 - $5,540

Total Estimated Program Costs

Total IU and CIEE Fees$19,099.45
Total Estimates Additional Program Costs$4,420.00 - $5,540.00
Total Estimated Costs$23,519.45 - $24,639.45

IU Refund Policy
The $500 prepayment and the $241.95 Education Abroad Service Fee are non-refundable.

CIEE Refund Policy
Students who withdraw or defer their participation and notify CIEE on or more than 15 days prior to their advertised program start date will forfeit their $500 prepayment. Students that withdraw or defer 14 days or less prior to the advertised start date will be charged 25% of the program fee. Students who withdraw after the program start date will need to consult Education Abroad and CIEE. Please refer to page 6 of the CIEE Program Participant Contract for the complete policy.